A downloadable dream dungeon

In the first issue of Static Black Night Sky, Wall Parker describes a terrifying place, a house for people three times your size that you are trapped in, can't escape, and are slowly being hunted by the inhabitants.   Or at least, I felt it that way.  The line blurs a little between the text as written and the text as I read it.

This my nightmare dungeon, haunting my own spaces within.

Dedicated to Wall Parker.

(p.s. if you enjoy this and want to give me money, instead think about going and supporting the original Endsville book!)

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorLichen Arrowsmith
Tagsdungeon, Horror, lyric-game, module


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i felt 2 feet tall and it’s the first time i feel asleep and awake at the same time captures endsvilles among the sleep house-shaped dream aesthetic vibe​