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Just came across this today - really interested to keep reading through it, but I noticed an error in the instructions for tying a bowline (p. 16 in the pdf). In the diagram, the loop in the long tail has the end in front of the loop and the short tail coming out in front of where the loop crosses itself … but I think the end of the long tail has to be in the back, or the knot won’t tie.

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I can't seem to download this even though it's free right now, there's nowhere to click in this popup to download it.

This happened to me too. Funny, the link worked fine when I added a donation to it. I guess it's pretending to be free but will only release the game if you pay.

Weird haha. Thanks for your reply!

Oh, that's very odd. I'll throw on a bunch of Community Copies to make it easier to grab one.


Adore this game.

ALL the community/nature/gender-fucked feels. I love this.